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The Mauritius International Financial Centre Rankings

Pushing Boundaries, Always

DescriptionGlobal RankAfrica Rank
World Bank Ease of Doing Business 202013th out of 190 countries1st
Global Competitiveness Index 201954th out of 140 countries1st
Global Innovation Index 202152nd out of 132 countries 1st
Corruption Perceptions Index 202052nd out of 180 countries 3rd
Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 20211st out of 54 countries 1st
World Press Freedom Index 202058th out of 180 countries 5th
International Property Rights Index 202040th out of 128 countries 1st
Kearney Global Services Location Index 202127th out of 60 countries 2nd
Heritage Foundations Freedom Index 202113th out of 178 countries1st
Economic Freedom of the World (Fraser Institute's) 2021 11th out of 165 countries1st
Human Development Index (HDI) 202166th out of 189 countries2nd
Democracy Index 202119th out of 167 countries 1st
Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2020173th out of 207 countries1st
Forbes Best Countries for Business 202139th out of 161 countries 1st
The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness 54th out of 136 countries 1st
Social Progress Index 202247th out of 163 countries 1st
UNCTAD Productive Capacities Index 202146th out of 193 countries 1st
Mauritius Trading Across Borders Index 202172nd out of 169 countries 1st
Global Peace Index 202228th out of 155 countries 1st