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Listing Services

Listing on Stock Exchange

Listing your Funds, GBL, Foreign entity or even bonds/debentures on the Stock Exchange can represent a significant step in the lifetime of a Company.

Listing can make a company attractive to potential investors as this shows a mark of trust in the corporate governance and value creation for investors.

Listing on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) can bring the following benefits:

  • Constitutes one of the ways of demonstrating substance and added value.
  • where a Fund is marketed to institutional investors, whose own rules may prohibit or restrict investment in unlisted securities.
  • Allows investors to mark their fund investment to market, namely for those funds which are actively traded.

Listing Requirements

Ashton Financial Partners will assist you in the application process with the Exchange and liaison with the legal counsel for the drafting of documents. The SEM will accept the initial Offering Documents in lieu of Listing Particulars for listing, thus reducing costs in preparing documents.

Once the Company is Listed, Ashton Financial Partners will provide services for the Company to meet its Ongoing Obligations with the SEM.

Listing on other Stock Exchanges can also be done, with the possibility of Dual Listing on recognised stock exchanges.


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